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Niel Asher

Thoracic Spine Mobility (3 CEUs)

Thoracic Spine Mobility (3 CEUs)

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Thoracic Mobility Master Class

Join experienced athletic trainer Eric Beard in this immersive online course that goes beyond the basics, taking your understanding of thoracic mobility to new heights. In addition to the topics covered previously, this course delves into key assessments, corrective programming, technique mastery, and reassessment strategies.

Here's what you can expect in this expanded course:

Shoulder Mobility Assessment: Gain in-depth knowledge of shoulder mobility assessments and their relationship to thoracic mobility. Discover how limitations in shoulder mobility can impact overall movement and function, and learn strategies to address these issues effectively.

Overhead Squat Assessment: Master the overhead squat assessment and its relevance to thoracic mobility. Understand how limitations in the thoracic spine can affect the overhead squat pattern and develop programming suggestions for corrective work to improve overall performance.

Rotation Assessment: Explore various rotation assessments to evaluate thoracic mobility and its impact on rotational movements. Learn how to identify limitations, asymmetries, and compensatory patterns, and develop targeted interventions to address these issues.

Programming Suggestions for Corrective Work: Delve into the intricacies of designing effective corrective programs. Gain insights into programming suggestions tailored to address specific limitations in thoracic mobility and related movement patterns. Empower your clients to achieve their optimal performance potential.

Tools Used in the Correctives: Discover a variety of tools and techniques used in corrective exercises for thoracic mobility. From foam rollers and mobility balls to resistance bands and proprioceptive training, explore the diverse array of options available to enhance your clients' mobility.

Lengthy Discussion of Technique and Tips: Dive into detailed discussions on technique, form, and execution for each exercise covered in the course. Benefit from Eric Beard's expertise as he shares valuable tips and insights to ensure optimal execution and maximize the effectiveness of each movement.

Examples of Progressions and Regressions: Explore a wide range of exercise progressions and regressions to cater to clients at different levels of ability and mobility. Learn how to modify exercises to suit individual needs, providing appropriate challenges and ensuring continuous progress.

Reassessment Strategies: Understand the importance of reassessment in monitoring progress and identifying areas for further improvement. Gain knowledge on when and how to conduct reassessments, and learn what to look for to determine the success of your interventions.

Enroll in the Thoracic Mobility Master Class today; study at your pace; and take your understanding of thoracic mobility, assessments, corrective programming, and reassessment strategies to the next level.

What's Included?

  • Fully illustrated course text (170 pages)
  • 2 hours online video classes presented by Eric Beard
  • Online Exam comprising multiple choice questions
  • Lifetime Access


Rehabilitation Professionals, Massage and Manual Therapists, Rehabilitation Professionals,Physical Therapists, PTA's, Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists, OTA's, Athletic Trainers, Exercise and Fitness Professionals


English, French, German, Spanish

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